Chad - Taxidermist

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Chad was curious of everything, everything was not so curious of him. Chad loved animals, but creatures of the forest have learned to run away from him. Chad loved to be huddled with her mother and feel the little asps of her hairs tenderly caressed his neck. Chad loved Juliet but, as always with people he loved, she's finished on the Guggenheim sculpture gallery. Chad tried to be insurer, postman, actor, taxi driver, trapeze artist. The permanent collection of the museum just increased and improved with his clients and spectators. Chad knew his mother was right when she said : « you will find your place in the world, there is one for everybody », and the vipers kissed his cheeks running with tears. Chad looked in Mister Moloss eyes. The old and tired cocker froze instantly on a perfect pose of proud and canine goodness. Chad, as the sun lighted the silver letters of his sign shop « Chad Medusa Taxidermist – from now to ever », knew he had find his place.

Created: Jul 26, 2012


Djean Document Media