Summer Daze

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The burnt red sky that just breathes summer hangs over the city. It smells of bushfires and the air swells with heat. The wind picks up and takes with it the certainty of the future, it dances sweet circles around my ankles urging me to go forward. Do something. I know that even if I could paint a million canvases of summer skies it would never come close to experiencing it with all the senses.

I wear loose summer clothes as if they are an armour of lead, whilst the sun watches over me by day. The breeze whispers promises of relief through the trees outside my window, pleading with me to come and play. By night the moon winks and smirks, she knows the dreams I keep.

There is something about this sky and weather that seems synonymous with recent events in my life, a sort of stifling sadness, an edgy but weirdly comforting new beginning. I sit here and think of you, the way I've always thought of you.

My heart won’t dare to speak.

Created: Jul 26, 2012

Tags: weather, summer, writing, daze, mood

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