The Pigeon to the Retriever (taxidermy collab)

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"Beware, beware,

of The One On Two Hinds.

The souls of Mr Fox, Mrs Owl,

and poor Mr Hare,

and of anyone else It finds,

It sucks and replaces with little cotton things.

Sometimes wood, sometimes wool,

and while It does it, It sings

and It hums, as It fiddles with Its tools,

in a language even I know not of.

So remember me, dear Man's Best Friend,

for I fear I may be next, and soon

you may spot me on the little shelves above.

Beware, beware,

run while you still can,

from The One On Two Hinds,

or as frightfully named by Men,

the critter who softened Mr Bear's fist:

the twisted Tackseeder Mist."

Created: Jul 26, 2012

Tags: collab, poem, free verse, text, taxidermy

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