By LifeIsLIkeYou

Those Existent Murmurs
Quickly Became Distant
When I Slipped Off The Edge
Into Something Translucent.
Nothing I Knew
Ever Seemed Right
And That I Did Not
Was Always Precise.
These Images Vivid
Soon Became Lucid
When I Stepped Off The Path
Into Something Quite Placid.
My Eyes Were Adjusting
To Take In This Find
When Those Murmurs Returned
And Shattered My Mind.*

When Mr. Belic And Joe Were Discussing Research That Suggests We Are In-Between Two Very Different Spectrums ,Whether Asleep Or Awake, Our Entire Lives; I Thought About The Limbo Feeling I Often Get While Living. Being Aware Of What I Am Doing But Not Really Understanding It.

I Know This Record Is Not Visual But What I See When It Reads... It Creates An Illustration Of What My Life Can Become.

Thanks Guys!



Created: May 25, 2010


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