Today, in the Life of Me!

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I wake with a start.
Like a knife to my heart, the alarm rings beside me in bed.
There's a whole day to go, no denying, I know,
I cannot sleep through it instead.

To the shower, hairdryer, the clothes box and then,
eventually out of the door.
To the office where I have to stifle a sigh,
since eight hours can seem like a chore.

Along to the gym and a half-hour swim,
to burn off the day's major stresses.
A 5k for the day, lift some weights, swim away,
forgot the hairbrush for my tresses.

At home by the PC I start work again,
typing and tapping for hours.
I write for my clients, the Word files giant,
as the clock every second devours.

Only good food and water can stop this supporter,
of 48 hours in a day.
As I type, swim and run I miss out on the sun,
though I love what I do all the same.  

Created: Jul 25, 2012


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