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It is brutal to name one person that has had a significant influence on me, as I am inspired by almost everyone that surrounds me. Although, as I was reading this essay prompt, one individual came to mind: Lia Kauffman. She is a five foot lady born and raised in China. She puts her faith in God and focuses on the merits that life has to offer. I met this recent graduate of Reservoir High School in Theatre Arts class my junior year. I must admit, when I began associating with her, I was a bit taken aback; I had never met anyone so kind; it scared me. After getting closer to her, I wanted to be more loving to everyone and though she is now all the way in Honduras, what she has inspired me to do is still here with me in the U.S.

The one thing anyone would want from Lia is her integrity; honesty is one of her strongest traits. She is able to admit when she is disappointed, but is also able to persevere. When she was in the ninth grade, her first year in an American school, Lia auditioned for Reservoir's school play, Big River, and made it! It can be assumed that it was an admirable experience because Lia auditioned for another school production. This time, she did not make the cut, but that did not stop her from auditioning for Hairspray her junior and Anything Goes her senior, and was called back to be a part of both. She is a living example of how far persistence can take you.

Lia is a girl I call a "bundle of love." She is kind to everyone, but is never afraid to do her own thing. The long days of working together for the Spring production, Anything Goes, things were a bit hectic. Hyper theatre kids jumping around and singing songs from from musicals was  quite a scene , but through all the craziness, there was Lia. She sat in silence by herself, doing homework or eating a snack. She was far from anti social which is why I commend her for stepping away from friends and knowing when to be alone; not many teenagers are so disciplined.

This lovely Lia now rests in Honduras for a missions trip, evolving into the wonderful woman that her friends and  family know she'll be. Leaving her family for a different world must have been a hard thing to do considering the fact that they are so loving and they always bring smiles to everyone's heart. Making such a bold decision to leave the country, especially when she has a  comfortable atmosphere here in America, shows that Lia is ready to take on the world- literally. 

No, Lia is not perfect; I thought she was too. I have witnessed Lia make mistakes a myriad of times as a performer, but she always handles it as a learning experience. What she learns, she shares with others and I am glad that she and I have become good friends, that way, she is able to share with me. I have never met someone as short as Lia,rather, "cute and compact," she once said, but I am elated that I did. Knowing her has given me alot of hope, showing me that I don't have to be like everyone but myself, and that was the assurance I needed more than anything. Thanks, Lia. 

Created: Jul 25, 2012


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