Dear Daddy,

By SeraCurr

Daddy, I have very few physical things that invoke your memory but one is this rose, this rose, that makes me hate others alike.
I miss you everyday, I love you everyday, I am the result of your love. I miss all the little annoyances, such as those damn green beans with tomatoes, and now I long for the taste.
I miss your over-sized watch, that spun the time to you.
I miss the sound of you banging the steering wheel to the sound of " Puddle of mudd".
I miss how calm you made mom.
I miss you.
I was so angry at you for leaving me, leaving me here on this earth, and no path to follow, but I realized that with you here or not, I make my own.
I wish you were here everyday, to see the young women I've become.
I love you,
I'll be seeing you.

- You're Daughter.

Dear Daddy,

Created: May 25, 2010


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