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"It was Owl!" shouted Fox,

"It was Hawk!" shouted Owl,

the arguing rose in rows.

And the animals talked,

and they growled and they squawked,

among shelves upon which they froze.


"Well I'm missing an eye

and I'd like to know why"

accused ornery, ill-tempered Fox.

"Perhaps Master forgot"

Ferret said, with a shot,

even though they all knew such a lie.


Squirrel was missing a toe,

it's not rare, though, you know,

for Taxidermists to slip up sometimes.

But suspicion remained

from the Fox who claimed,

"One among us will pay for their crimes!"


There was one creature quiet

throughout this whole riot

so Fox pointed the finger (so to speak):

"I know you aren't mute!

This game you play isn't cute - 

it was you!" announced Fox with a shriek.


"Oh dear," said Hare

with a well-informed air

"what an outlandish thing to have said.

The Bobcat, you see,"

he said wearily,

"is not guilty or mute - he's just dead."





Created: Jul 25, 2012


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