The Owl with a Scowl (RE: Taxidermy)

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"Who goes there?" spoke the wary owl.

"Why, it's just me, there's no need to scowl."

"Don't speak to me that way. Your tone is quite vile."

"All I'm trying to say is a smile can go a long mile."

Whispered the ferret with the innocence of a fawn.

"Either way, I don't care. Now then rodent, move on!"

"It appears I can't, my legs are frozen this way." 

"Ah, so you are like us, never to grow old and grey."

"What? I have to stay here with you forever?"

"How cute. A little rodent who is actually clever."

Created: Jul 25, 2012

Tags: taxidermy, owl, ferret

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