Thoughts about Graduation 3

By artistposer

“It is difficult to enjoy what’s standing in front of you when you are looking over your shoulder. I have to remind myself of this whenever I am faced with a major change in my life, being someone who is apprehensive of the unknown. Graduating from St. Olaf is obviously no exception. Instead of allowing myself to feel helpless, though, I always try to insert a bit of humor into every situation, take the good with the bad, and not take life too seriously. I don’t know where life will take me after I’m handed my diploma, but I have faith that I will be laughing and smiling just the same.”

Let’s all RECord our hopes, dreams, wishes, fears, anxieties, or anything else about your future you wish to share! It may also be fun to capture someone else’s thoughts on the subject.

During the last few months of college, I began feeling overwhelmed with emotions about the insecurities, unknowns, and drastic changes associated with my graduation. I consider myself a relatively laid-back person, and therefore was totally taken aback by these intense emotions. So for my final portfolio in photography, I wanted to explore these emotions through a collaboration project with my fellow graduating seniors. I had them write their thoughts about their future directly on a photo I printed of them. It ended up being a great opportunity to share thoughts and stories with my friends, something I wouldn't ordinarily do with so many people.

Although some of the scans are a bit hard to read, I wanted to share what they had to say, with the hopes of inspiring you to express your feelings about your future in your own art form. I’m excited to see what direction this project takes!

Contribute to the collaboration here:

Thoughts about Graduation 3

Created: May 24, 2010


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