A Secret Only To Him

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He has no idea. It's a secret only to him. I admire his ambition, his success, his desire to inspire, and his seemingly joyous outlook of life. One could easily misconstrue this admiration as merely infatuation, but I know it's something deeper than that. Sure it could be the hopeless romantic ingrained in me that intensifies these feelings, but even so, surely no one could contest how pure of heart he is.

It's no secret to anyone that knows me. And it may as well remain a secret to him. This secret inspires me to go down roads that I never imagined I would find myself being nudged towards. This secret that ultimately will mean nothing to him, might be the catalyst to the greatest achievement I may ever accomplish.

I don't wish to keep this a secret, especially from him. I would love to reveal my secret to him, and only hope that my secret brings a smile upon his face. One thing I do wish is that this secret continues to electrify my thoughts and power my actions.

Maybe in the right time and in the right place, it will no longer be just a secret only to him . . .

Created: Jul 25, 2012


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