The Passionate Trainer to his Pokemon

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Come train with me and be my friend,

We’ll prove to be the best till the very end,

Travelling through Hoenn and Johto you will find,

Our destiny written in the stars aligned.


And we will ride our Acro Bike,

Wild pokemon from the tall grass we will strike,

From Mauville to Lilycove we will roam,

Every town we visit  becomes our home.


And I will make thee pokeblocks,

That will improve your electric shocks,

Hyperpotions to restore your PP,

Our opponents then are forced to flee!


I'll give you Sitrus, but Pecha berries more,

Before we triumph over the Elite Four. 

And if you're paralyzed or hurt,

Nurse Joy right away will I alert.


Say Team Rocket were to attack,

Officer Jenny and I got your back!

So if you feel I make a great friend,

Come train and travel with me till the end.


Fan clubs will gather in your name,

The Champions is our rightful claim.

Now if thee wishes to train and be my friend,

My love I will give till the very end. 


A parody on Marlowe's "The Passionate Shepherd to his Love"

Created: Jul 25, 2012

Tags: metered, fiction, poetry, lyrics

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