The Defenders of X'un: "But I don't wanna be a hero'

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"My name is Buster Unitas and I am claimed as a hero around these parts. See- my brother, girlfriend and I fell from the skies some time ago and now the nutjobs of this planet think I'm their sort of savior or hero." 

The group of three teenagers travel across a desolate wasteland. In the purple hazy skies are twelve shimmering spheres which heat up the terrain around their sneaker covered feet. The travelers look around left to right and scan only nothingness across the far stretching horizon. A few strange forms of wildlife sprout up from the yellow toned sand and rocks, but it isn't organic like the teens are used to, but metallic and jagged. 

"Hey Busta, when ya think we can takes a break," the stout and pudgy Chip inquires to his brother. Chip is a light skinned African American boy who hobbles on his crutches across the rocky terrain, "I could really use a snack." 

"Y'all always in need of a snack Chippy, ain't that what gave yah yer diabeetus in dah first place," asks the rather ignorant Sherri. She is a tall and lean Hispanic girl with tight pigtails and a tattered up cheerleader uniform. 

"Thats diabetes," responds the rather astute youngster, "and it was really cuz due tah bad genetics really." The youngster turns his attention to his brother, "seriously Busta, when we stopping?" 

"I can't think about my adopted brother's question right now. More about those strange creatures I first encountered on this place when Chip activated that toy of his. I can't get over that look in their eyes. All of those scales and claws from those monsters, I figured we'd be done for if it wasn't for -" 

Buster's thoughts are interrupted as the ground vibrates around the trio. The yellowish sand and rocks shake across the landscape and split around their feet. Shards of teal blue light shoot up from the surface like a geyser. Buster turns and runs away from his brother and girlfriend. 

"Hey wait!" Sherri shouts to the high school wrestling champion, "where dah Hell ya think yer g-g-going," Sherri's nagging is cut off as metallic tentacles and claws tunnel their way up to the surface. The tentacles snake around her toned thigh and the claws pin her slender ankles to the spot. 

"C.O.C.y!" Shouts Chip as he opens up his backpack and tries to maintain his balance from the rumbling ground, "what is going on?!" 

The boy opens his bag and a technologically infused sphere about the size of a basketball named C.O.C. (Cybernetic Orbiting Computer) flies out of the boy's bag. "What is it that you wish of me, Master," asks the orb so calmly that its center blue light pulsates with its phrasing. 

Chip steps back from the vibrating ground as more and more metallic hands sprout up from the ground. "Well COCy, yah brought us to dis planet, yah should be able to us what these things are!" 

"Correction Master, the planet brought you here," the blue light pulses on COC's panels, "I merely activated my inter-dimensional travel program." 

"Buster git yer butt back her'!" Sherri screams out to the jock to her fleeing boyfriend. More hands sprout out of the ground, while others are attached to long metallic limbs that coil around Sherri's toned legs and under the hem of her skirt. "Busterrrrrr!" 

"I never asked for this," Buster thinks to himself. "All I ever wanted to do was be a teen - have some fun with a few girls and focus on my wrestling career. Ever since Chip had to tinker around with that stupid C.O.C. toy of his from that comic book, everything has been turned upside down. God, I just want to run-" 

A sharp pain shoots up through Buster's spine and it drops him down to the ground. He lays on his side and breathes heavily. The yellow dust cakes up his Varsity jacket and he inhales it enough so that he gasps for air. The dust cloud around him settles. From several feet away, he gazes upon Chip and Sherri surrounded by ten metallic humanoid beings with the same color light as C.O.C. pulsating through their ports. 

One of the beings stands in the center with a smoking rifle barrel in one hand and an imprisoned Sherri on the other. "Attention Earthling," it steps out of the shallow grave it tunneled up from and it bounces a hovering Sherri around in its tight tentacle grasp. "Empress Vula demands a conference with you...savior." 

"Oh Master," C.O.C. interrupts to inform Chip, "these are called the Order of Ten. Ten autonomous cybernetic beings that are sworn to protect and serve the Empress Vula." 

"Yeah thanks C.O.C.y," Chip responds sarcastically, "we kinda got the gist of that." 

To be continued in the further adventures of Buster and Company as they explore the strange terrain over several strange planets and see how the quest from Empress Vula will take them on their path. 

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Created: Jul 24, 2012

Tags: drawing, painting, poster

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