Please Let Me Free!

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     “Psst… Psst” I heard from the shelf. A shelf that held only a small taxidermy fox.

     “Up here” said a voice, raspy with age. It was the voice of a fox, who had seen better days.

     “My name is Horace, I’ve been here for years. My captors are fearsome and this is their den. They walk on two legs and have strangely shaped paws. Their barks are horrendous and mean nothing at all. They’re primitive creatures, yes that’s for sure. Downright barbaric I say, even the smallest of them all. Don’t let that little pup fool you. He’s mean as can be. He pulled me right off of this log once, you see. I crashed to the ground and I lost my left eye!”

     Then I could swear that I heard the fox sigh.

     “You look just like them, but you’re different I see. You’re a civilized being so I beg you, please let me free!”

Created: Jul 24, 2012


Unkempt Kella Document Media