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We had it all, we were gonna be forever
You held my hand through the stormy weather
I was your only one and you were mine
You said you loved me nearly all the time

You slipped away, you were never there
I should have realized you were so unfair
I gave you things you should never have had
I gave you the power to make me sad

You made me think that I was wrong
You made me write these lonely songs
But never again will you make me cry
I'm gonna spread my wings and fly

You'll never make me doubt myself again
I'm gonna stand strong surrounded by my friends
I'm so much better without you
You're a weight off my shoulders, so glad that we're through

I'm finding myself now, I'm spreading my wings
I'm moving myself onto MUCH better things
You're gonna be sorry you hurt me so bad
I'll be the best thing that you never had

So think of the one who's heart you thought you shattered
Think about how it's now YOUR life that's tattered
Think of all the love that you threw away
And how I won't be in your arms today

I'm peaceful inside now I'm through being weak
I don't mention your name now each time I speak
I deserve better than what you have to give
I can't believe you made me question my right to live!

It's all over for you now and I'm moving on
You'll never have something this good again, that's right I'm gone!

Created: Jul 24, 2012

Tags: dialogue, story, poetry

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