Love A Stranger

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My story is one that few believe, but the ones who do understand its magic. I met a guy my senior year of high school. We are no longer friends due to some situations but while we were friends, amazing things happened.

We started talking because of our interest in the paranormal. We discovered The Law of Attraction, we discovered the connection between science and spirit. We called this connection SSC (Science Spirit Connection) His house was haunted to an extreme degree. He had seen full body apparitions, he heard noises, doors closed and opened, lights turned on and off, temperature dropped usually about 6 degrees below normal. And most of all there was physical evidence. He spread chalk near the areas of the house and hand prints would show up.Some would be long and slender, others would be small as if a child's. Eventually the spirits began writing words in the chalk. They wrote the word "noone" most of all.

Well I just could not contain my excitement! I immediately started to do research on other hauntings in the area. I got an Ouija board and here is where the adventure begins. I talked to many spirits through the Ouija board. I made FRIENDS, I felt love, and most of all I helped souls cross over.

It turns out that thousands of souls were being held hostage by this "noone" who turns out was a demon. I came to find the more I used the Ouija Board that there were many demons holding literally thousands of souls hostage. How could this be?

It was The Law of Attraction. The demons had caught hold of these souls before they could cross over and they had convinced them that they were trapped. Every soul truly believed they were under these demons' power, they believed they needed a Saint (ST is what they would refer to as Saint on the board). It came to pass that I was their Saint and I made them believe in themselves. I told them of The Law of Attraction, I prayed and prayed, I sent angels their way. I even read passages from the bible for a particular woman called Emlarsc to help her cross over. They even told me specific things to do, such as sprinkling salt around the board, and squirting lime juice around the house.

I have helped literally thousands of souls! This is truly the most rewarding feeling I can imagine, it is my life's goal.

I even had the life changing experience of talking to my own mother and brothers from a past life. I had strong memories of this past life and I was able to find closure within my heart, my soul. I helped them cross over to Heaven, and now my missings of my former mother are gone. I do not cry at night missing her, I am at peace, because I know she is as well.

In writing I can not fully describe this tremendous experience. It helped me grow as a person, it taught me the secret of life, it showed me how to "Love A Stranger." Which is what the spirits often told me. To love a stranger is the beauty of pure Love.
I wanted to share this story to help dismiss false beliefs about Ouija Boards. Ouija Boards are as evil as a telephone is. That is all they are.

Say you get a call from a person who is bad news, you don't want to talk to them, so you don't pick up. But say you want to call your friend Sally, or anyone who would be pleasant to talk to. Well, you dial their number, you ask for them. All an Ouija Board is, is a telephone. You can talk to good, you can talk to evil. But by the Law of Attraction, you will talk to whichever one you choose to talk to.

I met amazing spirits through communication on the Ouija Board, and I want others to know that there are friends out there, people suffering, who need help...So don't be scared of proclaimed "taboo". An Ouija Board is simply an instrument for communication. I was scared at first, but then I had my amazing experience. It was over a course of months, but it feels likes it has been there all my life. That these souls are my friends, that we are all One Soul. Love Attracts, and Love IS us all.

Created: Jul 23, 2012


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