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If tomorrow I wasn’t there
Would you wonder? Would you care?
Would you cry and reach for me?
Would you fall down on your knees?
If I never got to grow old
If I wasn’t there to hold
Would you even shed a tear?
Is this something that you fear?
Would you notice I was gone?
Would it take time for you to move on?
Or would you forget me the moment you heard
As soon as you knew that my life and been blurred
Would you look up to heaven and picture me there?
With a harp and some wings and a halo in my hair
Would you talk about good times that we had together?
About how I would smile no matter the weather?
Would you close off my bedroom and never go in?
Would you kneel down at night and pray for my sins?
Would the memories fade like a slow burning ember?
Do you think if I died anyone would remember?

Created: Jul 23, 2012

Tags: metaphor, poem, curiosity, loss, short, death, poetry, story

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