I don't believe this feeling is counterfeited?

By SeraCurr

I don’t believe this feeling is counterfeited?

Could I be competent of pretending the smiles? Am I talented in a new form of false sketches of life…? You give, I take, never fake gratitude, for all the you are to me. I was and should be born a non-believer but you converted my heart, and dressed up my head…Difference! My love for your eyes are nor blue, but with feeling, I do tell, agreement. This too, is a sign of affection worth no words. Shall you take me to dance? Beside me you dance. In front of me you smile. Behind me you whisper, the footsteps of song. Nothing nor anything shall take sleep of you and I. My sweet, I hear the sights, as you feel my heart beat slow. Slow for your calming eyes, of blue, no color. My dear, I will stay near, for fear, of distance. Distance of sound.

Dance with the stars, sing with mars, and the moon, to sleep.

I love you deep. Beside you, in front of you, behind you, I love you deep.

Love the pass time of seeking. CORRECT! Sleep, Love. Sleep…

My dear,


I don't believe this feeling is counterfeited?

Created: May 24, 2010


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