Darkest Before the Dawn (A Tribute for the Victims in Aurora)

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There was a night where the world was as one,

Intertwined together to watch the Dark rise.

Unlike their Knight in shining armor,

The darkness that appeared came as surprise.


Every mother’s biggest fear,

The father’s never ending pile of regret,

All the things one was supposed to do,

They never got around to doing them yet.


The morning light is known as Aurora,

All that it touches forever glows.

The darkness was greedy and evil,

No one can help who it chose.


But his loss is yours,

Her gain forever mine.

Together we are in this,

Remember that we all intertwined.


Times like this make you want to give up on peace.

But they say it is always the Darkest before the Dawn.



Created: Jul 23, 2012


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