The Fence (Unfinished -- Someone please finish!)

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This is the secret. I call it the Secret of the Shires.

When I was about eight years old I used to run around a lot. I used to play with all of the other kids in the neighborhood. Skipping rocks across the flooded playground near my house. Trying to chase rabbits even though we knew that we would never catch them. Climbing trees to see who could go the highest. Those were the days.

There was a fence that separated our neighborhood from the Shires. Nobody ever went there. Nobody ever crossed that fence. The fence was painted white and half-sunk into the ground. Beat up pretty good but not broken. There was only one kid who lived in the Shires and he was older than the rest of us. His name was Penn. Penn didn't go to school with us. Penn was home-schooled somewhere in the Shires. He didn't seem to have or want any friends.

Penn liked to pick on us.


Every Wednesday after school we would play on the abandon lot of cars that were smashed together across from the school. There must've been about twenty of them so it was like a sea of car rooftops to walk on. And every Wednesday, like clockwork, Penn would cross that fence. With a stick in his hand. Running the stick across the fence making that dreadful noise. It was like he was letting us know that he was coming.



----Someone please finish this story for me!!!----

Created: Jul 23, 2012


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