She and He will Always Be (A short tragedy)

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"This passion you seek does not exist.” He would only whisper in her ear.

 “Please, don't.” She pulled away, disgusted, betrayed. Tears welling up in her eyes as he left her alone. Alone in a room she barely knew.

His laughter from a distance shook her from the inside.

“I'm not sure what you were expecting, my darling.” He projected from the next room.

 “Rose petals and champagne?” A guiltless chuckle. He was already drunk and smelled like his newest harlot.

 Clank. Clank. Clank. Clank. It was always four ice cubes for his scotch.

 “Perhaps a romantic fire? Maybe we would make love for hours?”

 Sarcastic prick. She thought to herself as the pained look in her eyes faded away turning to hate.

 “Only you make love my dear. Did you really think I needed you for that sort of thing?”

 The fire burned bright just beneath the mantle and faded into the darkest edges of the room. She stared into the vanity mirror, only half of her face lighting up when the fire flickered. The flames burned hot, and fueled the rage and sorrow consuming her soul.

 Red lipstick, dark eyes, and long dark hair falling onto her face, she was beautiful and damaged.

“You said you loved me.” Her voice quivering, a single tear.

 “I know what I have said to you. You have silly little expectations of what love should be. It makes me sick! And you sound so goddamn naïve!” He was getting louder. “That shit only exists in your mind. Those stupid love stories have you sounding like a damn fool. ”

Engaged to marry, and he was already changing into a person she could not even recognize. He was the love of her life and she only wanted to be held by him. Once upon a time, when they were in love, she felt safe and knew that they would have each other forever. He didn't promise her the world, instead he gave her much more than that. He gave her life after tragic death fell upon her family.

But he was becoming a violent, shallow man, consumed by the power of making a dollar.

The expression changed in her face. She was smiling to herself now. Her reflection slanted across cold, sharp steel.

 “It has been a long day for you, honey, why don't you come to bed and sleep it off.” The tone in her voice was calm and inviting.

She walked over to the fireplace and turned so her back would be facing the door. Bright orange and yellow shadows danced across the floor, surrounding her.

 “Now, why would I want to do that?” He stammered.

 “I suppose you'll never get to see your surprise, then”

 “Surprise? Ok then" He paused "You have my attention.”

 “Now, I know you are disappointed,” He said. His steps were clumsy as he stumbled near the door. “...but you can make it up to me tomorrow.” His laughter echoed through the room once again. For the first time in a long while she was happy to see him walk through that door. He was pathetic, and practically drooling on himself.

 Peeking over her shoulder, she tempted him with her smile and mysterious eyes. Her long hair fell to her lower back and her golden skin was glowing from the fire's light. Her dress was tight and tailored to complement every curve of her body.

 “Perhaps I can make it up to you tonight? If you can handle it, that is. The only problem is this dress. It is keeping what is true all locked up tight.”

 She let the strap of her dress hang off of her smooth shoulder, seducing him with her body and eyes.

 “I don't want to fight anymore, ok?” He was drunk and she was stunning. It would be impossible for him to resist.

 “Well I am always up for round two.” His filthy words made it difficult to keep control. She tried not to cringe when he touched her. While sliding his hands down her spine, she turned to face him one last time.

 No tears filled her eyes and she whispered, “Happy Anniversary.”

 For bringing strange women into our home. For every lie you have ever told. For degrading the person that I am. For striking me with your hateful hands. For forgetting me. For forgetting everything. For forgetting yourself. I loved you.

 Warm, and sticky, her blood began to run between his fingers as he reached for the wound. "What have you done?" He stared into her eyes while she gasped for breath.

 “B-b-u-t, you...” He mumbled as she collapsed into his arms. Leaning over her, he gently brushed the hair from her face. Speckles of red splattering him as she tried to speak, her mouth quickly filling with blood.

 “Shhh. My love, don't say a word. This needed to happen." She laughed. "I hope God is as forgiving as they say.” Her world would turn to darkness. And her sould would be set free

 Blanketed in a sea red

She had taken her life, for him.




Created: Jul 23, 2012

Tags: fiction, story

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