Never tell

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She got home late that night.  She had been crying all the way home.  If you had asked her why she was crying, she probably wouldn’t have known what to say.  Every now and then her secret called for attention whenever she was alone.  It made her remember…it made her ache.  That day a familiar song started playing on the radio.  Immediately it woke the secret in her head.

 “You remember", it said.

She did.

As the song kept playing, her eyes got watery.  She felt embarrassed, disappointed.  She couldn´t hold the tears anymore, and so they rolled down her cheeks. As the song went by, the crying got worse.  She couldn´t go home with her eyes bloated from crying, it would incite questioning, and she couldn´t tell. She needed to stop. But she couldn´t, her eyes wouldn’t stop, her head wouldn´t shut up, and her heart wouldn’t rest. Eventually he turned the volume down…took deep breaths and controlled the tears. Her eyes were still red though, but she was home.  She took a Kleenex, whipped the wet from her face and put on some make up. She took one last deep breath…got out of the car…and went inside, hoping she could once more hide the ache provoked by the secret of which she couldn´t let go.

Created: Jul 23, 2012

Tags: prose, 10min writing challenge #3, story, secret

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