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My secret.

I hold knowing no one will understand.

It hurts sometimes.

I can hear the voices in there.



Are they my only friends?

Are they the only ones that really understand who I really am?

 I can't get rid of them.

But I don't want to get rid of them.

They keep me company when I'm alone.

I need an empty room.

I can't stop them, infiltrating my head.

I'm dying in this world.



You looked in pain.

I took your hand and looked into your eyes.

I could see you were hiding in there.

 I could see you were fighting.

Where are you?

You said you can't get away...

Yet there is nothing that I can see that you are running from.

You say they won't leave you alone.

I say, look me in the eye.

You're thoughts will kill you.

Trust me. I'll help you.



He looked me in the eye.

For a minute I forgot everything.

I wish i could freeze that moment and stretch it over my lifespan.

Could I trust him?

Could I try?

 What if I fail?

What if he fails?

I can't stop thinking.

These thoughts.

These thoughts hurt.


You have a choice.

Let me help you.

I felt her grip my hand.

The Stubborn was slipping away.

Maybe I had a chance.

Was she listening to me?

I felt her in my heart.

I think I love her. ~

I think I loved him.


He wondered if he was ever good enough for her.

 He wondered if it had been different if he had tried harder.


She felt at peace.

Her head no longer hurt.

 She smiled hoping sleep would be forever.

Created: Jul 23, 2012


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