The Devil Vs. The Light

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There's a world full of people living in lies
Pushing through their days, striving, to succeed in their disguise
Living each day falling to their own demise
Everyone breathing their own fatalities
Day in and day out, demons, darkening and taunting mentalities

Try to push it off, tell those dark demons you have a better destiny
claw, fight, and cry in tears of agony
screaming for some sanity, for some sanity, sanity, to take it all away
make it all go astray, make it all go far away
to another world where happiness and self satisfaction exists
where negativity, darkness, and destruction do not persist

Pray on your knees to Almighty God to hear you
please, please, you beg, clenching on any thread
give me patience, give me courage, give me strength to grow through this

While you pray, temptation comes back with it's ugly head to say
"You know better than that you worthless bitch,
I’ve had you enslaved
in my ways
as a puppet with string you make love to my sins
throughout days you embrace the darkness furthering yourself from heavenly ways"
and with its sinister laugh it leaves for you to destruct while the devil plays his games

While you pray on your knees to Almighty God to hear you
you know better than this
you know better to fall for these tricks
open your eyes
open your eyes to the surrounding love - don't you realize?

Do not allow yourself to digress to the darkness that waits for you to follow in it's sinister agony
push and pull, cry and sweat, scream and run
Which way to go?
Forward or backward, repent or repeat, retreat or fall victim to the heat?
These lies
This demise
All these disguises
The agony of self righteous tries

While you pray on your knees to Almighty God to hear you
bring me closer to your guide
away from these sinister lies
into the light ..

Created: Jul 23, 2012


Farhana Document Media