Tell Me Lies

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it's déjàvu or is it randevu?
wait what, that means its present and it's happening again
wasn't this suppose to stay in the past?
it was never suppose to last

lesson learnt leave it in memory lane
but wait no now he's here again
we're here again
bumping and grinding
faster and harder
pounding for a fuck
for him to give a fuck
for him to love me more than a fuck
to be loved
to be held
no what?
this is just a fuck
to who?
to you?
to you.
not to me,
i need the touch
the up and down
the in and out
the thrusting the moans the screams the shouts
the shouts
the screams
don't you hear my thoughts?
I just want to be loved
oh you want it?
does that mean you'll ..
couldn't be.
just a fuck.
just a fuck.
why dont you see?
moaning and thrusting grinding and groping
and I wont stop
he doesn’t' stop
wait why would he?
push me
spank me
hit me
just love me
it was never suppose to be another randevu
but here we are again
im so far from the end
dear daddy i just wish ...
ugh you stupid bitch just pay attention to this shit
i hate your sinister eyes.
wait, do i?
at least he's here
at least he took the time

took time to fuck you like your worth less than a dime
but at least he took the time
okay whatever psycho - keep believing your own lies
shut up! just stop...just stop tell me lies, tell me lies...
okay baby, i love you, let's do this one more time

Created: Jul 23, 2012

Tags: non-fiction, story, free-verse, dialogue, poetry

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