Shadows In My Garden

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A tree is all, a simple tree

Casting shadows in my Garden.

For me the tree I carved into

To make it clear me and my dear

Would stay as We forever.

But now the tree, it reminds me

Of how we hurt each other.

And I enraged, a pistol raised

To fire into her lover.

But as I shot alas I blinked

Only a blink, no moment to think

The shot rang out. I had no doubt

As I opened my eyes what I would find.

My heart sunk, my throat went dry,

How can this be? There was no reply.

Hours passed in what seemed like moments

I had to ask once more, 


Oh where to put her now?

As I lifted my head away from the dead

What should I see? Why, it was the tree

And so I began to dig up my garden

To dig, oh to dig

Into the earth. I did not mind the work

For my sweat as my blood ran cold.

I placed my love, wrapped in a sheet

Into the soil, under our tree and retired up to my room.

The deed was done and a brand new sun promised the dirt would harden

A tree is all, a simple tree casting Shadows In My Garden.



Created: Jul 23, 2012

Tags: poetry, mgbthrice shadows murder

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