True Mask

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Two individuals from  different parts of the world are about to cross paths in a time where the depression is about to take over.



The year was 1928, and  all was about to change. 




EXT. Woods - Sunset




Snap...Snap... Snap... The sun is slowly disappearing into the face of the earth. There’s something about a quiet sunset that never gets old to Lily. Maybe, it’s the way it says goodbye and hello each day or perhaps the way the rays hit each living particle and specimen differently. Regardless, Lily captures each moment each day with her trusty old Thornton Pickard Double extension quarter plate camera. Not the most convenient thing to carry around but she wouldn’t have it any other way. You see, Lily’s dream is to be an avid photographer. She’s been taking pictures of just about anything really as long as she was just a child. It’s an old family tradition brought down from her father Arthur K Wilson. Arthur’s motto is “Be who you are, as no one else can be you”. Until she can reach her goal, she’s stuck working at her local general drugstore making $1.50 a day barley scrapping by while her father is home deathly ill. Lily considers herself not out of the norm at 5’2 brown eyed brunette doll. Flappers on the other hand tell her differently.  The year was 1928 and times were changing.






INT. Dance club- After Hours




Tap, tap, tap. It’s 36 degrees outside, John is standing outside a jazz club shivering  waiting impatiently for his 1928 black Rolls Royce  to arrive from the Valet. With John is his childhood friend Clark who met “Sir Whiskey” for the first time in his life tonight  and is now slurring Duke Ellington’s hit single “East St Louis Toodle-Oo”. Standing next to Clark  rather embarrassed is his voluptuous doll long striking, blonde hair,  blue eyed girlfriend Alice.






“It’s been two bloody minutes, how long does it take to get a blasted car?”




Valet Attendant shuffles nervously through the cabinet filled with keys passing them to associates left and right.




Valet Attendant


“I am terribly sorry for the wait sir, its been a busy evening”




John with force grabs the Valet Attendant by the arm.








“As well you should be! Do you know who I am”?!






“John, please not tonight let him go!”




Clark still humming the tune, decides to grab the Valet Attendants other arm and after three attempts to stand up straight he securely grips it






“Woo!, should we teach him a lesson ha-ha?!”






John and Clark throw the Valet Attendants arms with power causing the attendant to trip over the small cabinet filled with keys which in turn were scattered all over.




Valet Attendant immediately gets up in pain and hurryingly picks up the keys






“Maybe next time, you’ll hurry the hell up!”

Created: Jul 23, 2012


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