The Terrible Sound (Look North)

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       Abstraction never fails when you're head first in a well. Drowning in water that was shallow enough to stand in. It was a night where us cowards could find peace and quiet. This is not a painting that can be erased and redrawn, but a carving of names that we forgot into bone. They'll never remember us when we're gone, but while were still breathing they will never forget. You will never forget the sounds.

      Stay asleep and the wind will take us

      Take us back to the home we have built

      Everything about the nights we've swallowed

      Was enough to resurrect anything we've killed

      This mangled cry has been years in the making. When I try to tell you that this was all wrong. But in my dreams they're all deaf to the warning, and the wolves will surround them once I am gone. Light the torches and lock every door behind you, love is cruel, I have the teethmarks to prove it.

      Refracted lights pulling color out of darkness

      Shadows of smoke filling up all the walls

      You've got the scars from where they dragged you away

      And in the morning you'll find we never should have stayed

      It's better now, in the dusty quiet of the sun. Where nothing can hurt us and none of our hope is gone. But come nightfall, we'll see one another turn inward. We'll search ourselves but nothing will be found. So what if we are emptied and hollow? I've never expected much more from this life. We'll always just be skin and bone with no soul to follow. Share your stories with the children and they will know. Everything we've done so far will never let us go.

Created: Jul 23, 2012

Tags: north, terrible, sound, poetry, dark, lyrics, prose, writing

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