End of Time

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I have invented the world I see,

With right angles and shadows

Exposed brick and landings

Upon diving bravely into the void.


I have carved out secret hide-outs

In the bark of trees

In the company of fairies

In the midst of two worlds.


I have been teeter-tottering

On the edge of moments

Past and future

Waiting to be swallowed by the instant

For merry-go-round equilibrium.


I have picked up the habits

And let them go with ease

Exited the early haze of my days

Entered the sunset of my life.


I have flipped the tumbling coin

Exposing heads, traversing tails

Every rite of passage

Bringing nearer the light.


I have brought myself back

To hear the summer wave

Of cricket pleas

Waxing, waning

Day and night.

Created: Jul 22, 2012

Tags: poetry

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