Not A Love Poem

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This is not a love poem

In the sense, per usual,

Most are

In the sense that I’m going to

Save you from yourself

Save you from the nightmarish image

You made


Your self


No, I write to dispel the myths

In hopes one more lonely day at home

Won’t take you under

In hopes the machinery of life,

The clicks and cranks of clocks and gears,

The afternoon shadows of drawn curtains,

The moans and grunts of the floorboards

The beds above us

Reminding you, You are still here,

Will be kind to you


No, now

You must focus

It’s not my job to save you

As if I could

From the sights and sounds

You made out


Your self


There are fading chants and messages

Of those who came before

Offered up in unhurried whispers

So you don’t miss it

In your giant ears which you puff

Full of smoke



Now, time has almost dried up

Begging you to dispel the myths and mirrors,

Bid farewell the illusions to their makers

And save your Self

Created: Jul 22, 2012

Tags: prose, poetry

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