The secret of...

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The secret of a "happy life":
a grown man and his wife?
With kids, a dog and a yard?
Must life be that hard?

The secret of some life:
a manchild with his knife.
With no love and lost friends
Does that make more sense?

The secret of Nina and Mitch:
A happy couple with no kids.
No need for commiserational tone
It was a choice of their own

The secret of a happy marriage:
It gets lighter as a shared carriage.
Sharing the bad as well as the good,
Just like any couple should.

The secret of some happiness:
Two of same sex that confess
Unconditional love for each other
Now why would you bother?

Tell me does it really offend?
Why would they have to pretend
and keep living a lie?
Did your beliefs just get you that high?

Created: Jul 22, 2012


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