10 Minutes Writing Challenge #3 - Secret

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A boy became utterly distressed when he came across the word 'secret' which he could not understand what it actually means. So, he had decided to propose the question to his mom;

"Mom, what's a 'secret'?"

"Well dear, it's something you don't tell anybody about."

"Something like what?"

"Hmm...something you do that could be bad, that was so embarrassing that you could not tell anyone."

"Like how I peed in bed?"

"No, silly, that's not a secret, if someone knows about it, it's not a secret."

"Like how you bring home a guy friend the other day?"

"No, that's not a secret...that's um..."

"But you just said if someone knows about it, it's not a secret!"

"No what I mean is..."

"So I can tell dad about it?"

"No! That's a secret..."

And thus, the boy's question of 'secret' remained unanswered. Till the day he asked his father about it.

Created: Jul 22, 2012


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