Superhero Rant

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Not quite what this collab was looking for, but how about when we create our superheroes, we don't make them like this and we make the people they love smart and intelligent and gutsy and savvy. ----------------------------------------

"Let me get this straight: you were just trying to protect me and you want me to trust you?

That might be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

Have you ever seen a movie? Usually runs along the lines of some noble dimwit hero trying to protect the woman he loves by not telling her about himself, particularly so the villain won't use her against him and then ends with the villain inevitably finding out who she is and what she means to the big oaf and dangling her over a precipice as bait. The whole thing could have been avoided with a little honesty.

You want to protect me? Then arm me with knowledge so that I know what I'm up against! You want me to trust you? Well, how about you trusting me? How about putting some faith in me so that I don't look like an idiot around all these other people who already know about you? Because if I'm the most important person in your life then why am I the one who can't share the most important thing about you?

Because it is about trust, but not mine in you. It's obvious that if you don't think I can handle this it's because what you're really afraid of is me walking away from you and you'd rather treat me like a fragile piece of glass and lie to yourself than let that happen. Rather than let me have the freedom to make my own choices. Some superhero you would turn out to be and some Mary Sue heroine I would be.

I'm not that girl. I wish you weren't that guy. And this isn't the part of the movie where you disappoint me one time too many and then I walk away while you stare after me tragically while the music rises and then the kidnapping happens and you swoop in and save me and I magically forgive you, saying something stupid like: I always knew you'd save me. Then we kiss and that blasted music starts up again. Frankly, finding out you'd been keeping a secret from me all that time would make me want to kick myself for being stupid enough to not notice it before and kick you for being such a brain dead moron as to let me be in a relationship without letting me decide if I want to be Mrs. Unaware Primary Target #1!

We can learn from the movies, bucko, but life isn't scripted. Own up or give up."

Created: Jul 22, 2012


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