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Deep dark and within my soul lies a burning rage. A rage that torments the shawdows who runs and hides from the very secret I'm to scared to show. A secret if the world knew, would only show pity of a woman who couldn't protect and sheild the dark rage she felt when the shawdows lurked to reveal the mirror of herself she can't stare back at. A secret that is hidden that the words of a tormented past hurts, as his name tries to escape my lips. In deep sleep I will go, faded memories of his haunting face chases me. Until the day comes for his name to breath the light, and I will no longer be afraid of a name. A name and a secret I could share with the world, until then my soul aches for the pure release and silent of a haunted man who will chase me until I release the rage.

Created: Jul 22, 2012


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