The door [Cliffhanger] Re-Mix

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_No! Don’t! Andrew stood still, startled, his hand still on the handle. And he finally turned slowly on his heels. _ What? _ You must not open this door. The young man arched an eyebrow, or tried and ended with both eyebrows up. _ Why? This is just a door. He took a leisurely look at the door to make his point. This was a wooden one, plain, blank and smooth. The handle was round, in matt stainless-steel; absolutely normal _maybe even boring. _ You don’t know? You really don’t know? Emma took the look on Andrew face and decided he really did not know. _ This door has never been open. No one knows where it leads. _ And? Then we will know. Andrew was quite startled; he had never seen Emma so… irrational. He grabbed the handle again but she jumped on him to move him away. His hand slipped, the door opened, and they fell...


The pair hardly had time to scream before they hit the water. Emma and Andrew clawed their way to the surface and when they opened their eyes the dazzling sun sparkling off the water made them squint as they tried to determine where exactly they had fallen.

Emma recovered first and began splashing Andrew in the face and pounding on his shoulders.

“What did I tell you? You idiot! I said don’t open the door I remember because it was the last thing I said before YOU OPENED THE DOOR! Now I don’t know where I am or how to get back and, and I’m soaked… You’re an idiot!”

“I’m sorry, stop hitting me, ouch! Okay, I’m an idiot, fine!”

He held up his arms as best he could while still treading water to ward off some of the blows.

“Good.” She said and splashed him once more for good measure.

A horn blasted from behind them and they spun to see a ship approaching.

“Look, look, look,” Andrew said pointing at the ship “Hey!!! We’re over here! Help! What’s the proper hitch hiking etiquette at sea? Do I stick out my thumb? Ahoy!!

“Ahoy?” Emma looked at Andrew with one eyebrow raised. He thought, why is it everyone else could do the one eyebrow thing except him?

They heard voices as the ship drifted along side them and then something flew from the ship and landed in the water next to Emma. Another splash as something landed next to Andrew.

“Ropes!” Emma said but before she could grab hold of the one closest to her two hands popped out of the water from the ends of the ropes and scooped the pair up as it reeled them back towards the ship. It all happened so fast that before Andrew knew it he was flying through the air and landing with a thud on the deck of what would be the strangest ship he or Emma had ever seen.

The hands let go of the speechless pair and they sped back towards their owner. A skinny man stood near them spinning and winding his arms around his body like a spool. When he was done he extended a hand to Emma, helping her to her feet. Andrew scrambled up to his feet on his own and the two of them stared trying to make sense of the scene.

All the parts of the ship seemed to be alive. Men like the one who had pulled them out of the water, some were men with chests like barrels and huge under bites that slopped water from their mouths as they waddled around the ship. The sail looked like a man that had been stretched out until he was thin as a sheet. There were others like him, but normal size, walking around on the deck. They seemed to be folded up in neat origami man shapes but they were constantly tucking in folds here or there.

Andrew jumped as a booming voice came from above. He looked up and saw the crows nest spin around and the face below it looked down at him and Emma, glaring through telescopic eyeglasses. Andrew had done well at maintaining some cool in the middle of all this weirdness but this part made him glad he was already soaked because if things got any creepier he was pretty sure he was going to pee himself.

The voice boomed again and this time Emma could make out the words.

“Welcome aboard The Ship Shapes. I am Mast, Master and Commander of this fine ship. You are trespassing in my waters. Mr. Twist, take out guests to the Brig, we will decide what to do with them when we make port."

The rope armed man, Mr. Twist, spun and soon had Emma and Andrew bound tight and was leading them below deck to the cells. The cell door closed behind them and Andrew slumped in the corner on the bed.

“Well, what do we do now?” he asked no one in particular.

“You can start by getting off my chest.” Said the bed

Created: Jul 22, 2012

Tags: fiction, story

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