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hey, all! i was just looking for a place to make a request for certain imagery i need for a video i want to do (and then i found ntheon's collab here - handy!). i'm not ready to start a collab myself, but have a musician friend who is SOoooo talented, but currently overwhelmed working the "real job" and too shy to really put himself out there (here) my nefarious scheme involves creating a vid that will goose him toward sharing further....

for right now i'm looking for one thing i can't do myself - film leaves falling (it's exactly the wrong time of year for that!) but on the off-chance someone either lives in the s. hemisphere or has pre--existing tape, i figured it won't hurt to ask!

many thanks in advance. <3

also looking for video of a caterpillar walking along, and 2 butterflies interacting in some way.

request for materials

Created: May 23, 2010


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