The Secret Shirt

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He saw the shirt in the window as he was going by. It was a black shirt that had white-out type lettering on it, and it said the word “SECRET.” He took a few steps back and decided to go in to try it on. He went in, got his size, put it on in the dressing room and then came out to look at himself in the mirror. He flexed, pushed out his chest, and he thought the shirt looked great on him. Sure the saying itself was kind of girly, he wasn’t really sure he had ever known a boy to wear something like the word “SECRET” on his chest. But he thought he would be the first one. Because what joke could people really make about it besides a link to Secret Deodorant for women? And that joke was just plain unoriginal and stupid, so yea if that was his only problem then he’d buy it. But then again the really smart kids in his class may ask him, “Secret, well what do you have to hide?” He hated those smart kids. Always thinking that everything they said was the most original and best fucking thing in the world. God, it pissed him off. And he could just see them asking him all the time, what he had to hide, just to sound smart. He started to pull the fabric on his chest and his stomach, and began to think that maybe getting something like this wasn’t the best idea. He didn’t want to have to deal with those fucking smart kids. And he didn’t have anything to hide, so they would just be wasting their time anyway. There was nothing wrong with him. It’s just that the shirt looked bad on him. Plain and simple he wasn’t muscular enough to pull off this particular cut, and look. He needed to hit the gym a little more if he ever wanted to really try the whole fitted-tee thing. And anyway he had to be getting home. This shirt would have to wait for another day. He took it off before he even got back into the dressing room. He flung it against the wall, quickly put back on his other shirt, and walked out of the room leaving the shirt on the floor behind him. It was a girl’s shirt anyway, he thought.

Created: Jul 21, 2012


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