Hunyad! Hunyad!

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Fingertip limbs scaling the walls

Of Hunyad Castle -

Through the iron gates

And leaking into the cracks,

Allowing an opportunistic stench

Fill the noses of aristocrats.

There’s an old blind man

Locked in the attic

Pacing, rubbing the floors clean.

Speaking truths to no one in the dark.

"Hunyad, Hunyad!

Crumble Hunyad!

Decompose in your fielded bed

And keep quiet in your sleep.

Hunyad, Hunyad!

Spill over in the streets

With your makeshift brick.

Let a fallen beggar eat from

Your breaded earth

And drink from your gaping rivers.

Hunyad, Hunyad!

Cloak the mothers of your children

With your ivory bed sheets

And build wood-fired stoves

From your shackles."

Hunyad, Hunyad,

But you won’t

Instead you stand

Stoned and upright

Letting my body dangle from

The bars of your windows.

With townsmen screaming

On your cobblestones.

Created: Jul 21, 2012


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