Julie's July

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Julie walks through the vast park behind her house, she is late for work and takes her phone out to call her boss and apologise, its not like Julie to be late. It is a summers afternoon and she lives just outside of central London, the old Victorian park sparkles as the rays of afternoon sun grow stronger. The children are running around barefoot in their shorts and hats, she looks longingly at the people around her with nothing to do on a Sunday, no horrible jobs to go to and no need to go on the nightmarish and over crowded trains that drag slowly towards the pomp and overcrowded Olympic centre of the world.

‘James! I’m so so sorry but I slept in. I won’t be in for another hour at least, I’m so sorry’.
‘That’s ok Julie…What happened, were you up late?’
‘No! My alarm just didn’t go off, I’m so-
As Julie repeats her feeble apology a force pushes her forwards, she had heard footsteps rapidly speed up behind her and within seconds felt a blow to her face. She is aware of someone trying to grab her mobile phone and she holds on to the case with all her might, screaming at the hooded villain who is now dragging her with her bag and phone through the park. The phone slips from Julie’s hand and the Hood runs off with it, in a moment of stupidity she drops her bag and gives chase through the park. Julie runs with all her might behind the Hood, she screams to the people he runs past to help and to stop him, if only one of them would just knock him off balance then she could catch up to him and get her phone back, but no one does. She has to stop running as her chest is constricting and she can no longer breath, exasperated she looks at the people in the park ‘thanks for your help everyone, I’ve just been mugged’. She picks up her bag and rushes out of the park as best she can, her chest is now really hurting and tears prick her eyes. A police car is waiting at some traffic lights, her knight, her salvation, she rushes over but as she does the lights change and the car drives off without seeing her. Julie feels the world close around her, her breathing becoming more ragged, tears forcing their way out and down her hot cheeks. She tries to walk on but can’t, before she knows it the ground comes up to meet her face and everything turns to black.

When Julie awakes she is no longer on the cold pavement, she is under a blanket. Looking around again she sees she’s not in a hospital either but in someone’s house. The light streams in the window in this living room, there is a gentle hum of voices coming from the television and a hot cup of tea on a stool next to her. She sips it and it is exactly how she likes it, three sugars and a little milk. She sits up, her chest and throat hurt like she’s been to the gym and as she remembers why she suddenly feels panicked, where is she? ‘Hello!?’ she calls out as she gets out from under the blanket and goes on a mission to find her shoes.

‘Hello’ calls a strangely familiar voice back, ‘How are you feeling?’ and as this is said something that terrifies and excites Julie happens, she watches herself walk in to the room and sit down by the door. Well, someone who looks exactly like her. This woman has the same unstyled and uruly curly hair, the same scar under her chin, the same eyes, nose, mouth, body, freckles- everything. ‘Who are you!?’ Julies asks in an octave higher than she would have liked. ‘ I am you. I’m here to help you’, ‘help me how?’, ’I’m going to train you’.

Julie has heard enough, she carries on looking for her shoes, she spots them under the stool that this imposter is sitting on and makes her way over. ‘Please move…I’d like my shoes’, ‘You’ll have to get them’ comes a taunting voice back. Julie starts to reach for them but before she is even half way there this other girl, other her, jumps up twists her arm and gently pushes her on to her knees, Julie can’t escape. ‘I’m here to teach you how to do this’, ‘I don’t want to do this’ Julie yelps as a pain shoots in to her shoulder, ‘yes you do, you want to catch this man don’t you?’ The question takes Julie by surprise, she hadn’t thought of catching him now, calling her phone insurance people yes but actually avenging the crime, no. Julie relaxes in the other her’s hold and is released due to her submission. ‘I want to teach you to be like me, to stop these people’, ‘but who are you and why do you look like me!?’, ‘I am you. I am Julie.’

Created: Jul 21, 2012


misskerryfitzgerald Document Media