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In a dark forest where only cats and unicorns live a snail hurtles along, unable to stop his quaking shell from propelling him in to the vast depths of this unexplored territory. He asks a cat, Scooby, sitting up against a tree, where to go to get back on the snail highway. Scooby menacingly licks a paw and cleans a nail; she sits for what seems like an eternity to Larry (yes, Larry). He fidgets and waits for her response. She begins ‘Larry’…yes, Larry I know your name, I knew you were coming before you did, I know why your shell is twitching and propelling you so rapidly’ ‘why?’ asked Larry who was now leaning in to a tree face first to stop himself from moving, ‘You seek the answers of the great legend that is Ronko’, ‘do I?’ ‘Yes. You do. You wonder where your little snaillings have gone- music and harmony left last night and you have yet to see them.’ ‘They’re coming back, they went to the islands for special leaves’, ‘They.Are.Missing’ Scooby enjoys these last three words as she can see Larry’s face fall and his eyes crinkle at the sides as the realisation that his only two daughters are missing hits him. ‘What do you suggest I do?’ Larry pleads, ‘I don’t know I’m only a cat…’ Scooby maliciously acts dumb ‘you do know! You just said-‘ , ‘ok’ explains Scooby, now cutting Larry off ‘…how about you get in my paw and I will transport you to whom you wish to speak to, he will help you.’ Larry looks longingly at Scooby’s large paw, he feels hesitation about hopping in but the biggest pat of him just wants to know what is happening. He awoke this morning with his shell twitching and before he could do anything it propelled him out of bed. They say a Snail’s shell is extremely perceptive but he’d never experienced this! He had sometimes known when a friend was nearby or when a good leaf was waiting around a corner but this time he did not know anything- his shell had all the answers. So, reluctantly, Larry crawls in to Scooby’s paw and, for safe keeping apparently, Scooby puts Larry in her mouth and starts leaping through this massive, overgrown and dangerous forest in search of the leader of her tribe- Ronko. Larry had heard the legends of this area and knew his whole life never to trust a cat but this time he is desperate, Ronko, as Scooby explained, can see everything and simply by licking Larry’s shell will know all answers that Larry seeks. Larry had a friend who went missing when they were just young snails and everyone says it was to the cats she went, to this dangerous and dark part of their world- but here in Scooby’s mouth Larry doesn’t feel afraid, he feels cared for.

Created: Jul 21, 2012


misskerryfitzgerald Document Media