Napoleon Singalong

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An original song to aid revision, apologies for bad quality recording.

Born in 1769,
Brought up in style of wine and dine,
The Corsican of great intent
He lived for glory not bought or lent

He made his way through rank and file
Winning love and hearts and minds
Toulon saw his greatest win
He threw his lot with the Jacobins

And glory turned his heart
To give history a new start
To centralised meritocracy
Away from stolid autocracy

This man, this emperor of France
Was given a new chance
To prove he had the stuff
To change the way that we all thought
Forget what we were taught
Of course it would be tough
And sadly when his end it came
The world sought to defile his name
Even though he brought so much
The British won't admit as such.

He broke his friendship with the Pope
And saw the dawn of national hope
A central bank and currency later
He's France's chief head imperator

A man who rose to power by skill
He'd undermined the divine will
And made the classes equals so
With the so-called Napoleonic Code


This man modelled on the first Caesar of Rome
Who lasted eleven years atop his mighty throne
He lost his fight at Trafalgar
Exiled on St Helena


Created: Jul 21, 2012

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