Departures - Innocents remembered

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Waking up late on this clearly sunny Saturday I made a wise yet necessary decision to drive to the shops to get some things to fill the fridge (instead of relying on the ease and overtime expense of a drive through).

As I drove I passed by old streets I knew so well when I was young. They were the streets near my Grandparents house. On a whim I decided to drive down the street where there old house is.

It felt so familiar, it made me feel at ease and yet at the same time uncomfortable because of the fact that I knew they weren't there any more.

My Grandparents decided to move closer to my family when mother had my sister. Which was a big deal in my view. They left country life in a small town for city life in the suburbs. When my siblings and I were old enough my Mum decided to go back to work, which meant we would be babysat by my Grandparents. And oh boy do I have such amazing memories from spending with them.

My Granddad each time he completed a newspaper crossword would stick in into a large notebook with Clag glue, and over the time of filling it up the book would sit on the table with the cover at a 45 degree angle. Because there were so many crosswords in there. I love the way the warped paper felt and the sound the paper would make as I turned the pages. My Grandparents would do these together at night while watching the TV, my Granddad reading out the clue while my Grandma knitted her latest creation (Usually it was a couch throw of many colours).

My Grandma would make the best Rissoles, it was a prized recipe among our family. Even the guys in our clan begged my Grandma for her recipe to give to their wives so they could cook them up for dinner.

Like all grandparents do they keep toys around for the grandkids to play with when they visited. And for my Grandparents they had a old Rubik's Snake that had seen better days, a old Chinese checkers set and a Pick up sticks game.

When we weren't playing games they would put all VCR tapes of shows they had saved from the TV, or my Aunts had given to them to watch. They didn't have many but there were a few we watch over and over again. I seriously fell in love with British comedy because of my Grandparents. The film "The Plank" was one of my favourites to watch at their house, and also Mr Bean.

They also loved watching Tennis, They LOVED Tennis. That could be one of the reasons to this day I can not stand to watch Tennis, because I had my fill when I was younger.

I also remember riding a skateboard in their house and breaking a windowpane by accident. I fell off and the skateboard kept going (stupid physics screwed me over!)

Now they are gone and are together in a place where we all will eventually go, I know how much I love them and how much they loved us. Sure towards the end of their lives things got bad, but that will never taint the memories they gave to me freely when I was young.

Because in Departing all we can truly take with us is the memories we hold inside

Created: Jul 21, 2012


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