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I don;t have a full script other then an idea for a show. Granny Squad. i was jogging in a park near my home and always saw two elderly women walking around the park. They weren't "walking" but fast walking like when a kid is told not to run at a pool or playground. This ofcourse wasn't a surprise or by all means strange, what caught me was the fact that they had miniature baseball bats as they "walked". so i affectionately called them the "Granny Squad" and created a story surrounding them with the help of texts from a friend. so here we go....


Granny Squad chapter one: The Chaplin conspiracy.


Now we all know who Charlie Chaplin is. well did you know that he dealt in espionage and covert world operations? well, neither did Mig when she took him into her bed almost 60 years ago.


so the ---- orginazation has terrorized civilians for most of the time people first settled america. Mig and Muade are the founding mothers of the Granny Defence Force or G.D.F. for short and have uttilized their skills in time travel and time dimensional needle point to travel to these termoils and rescue or at the very least infiltrate and undermine any threat to their grandchildren. The orginization was founded when mig and maude discovered an ancient alien burrial ground and unleashed the dormant technology.

The morning was covered in a fine dew of reclaimed water. the scent of frustration and regret hung heavy in the saturday morning air in the park. maude laced her payless running shoes as she turned to face Mig who already had sweat on her brow from the oppressive morning sun. the look on mig's face told a life time of stories and their case possibly three. Mig turned to Maude and said " are you ready?" swinging her miniature baseball bat to her side "yes, I do believe i am Mig." said Maude.

As they "walked" the park they both seemed at guard holding tightly to their miniature baseball bats, scanning the peremiter for anything unussual. once the two felt comfortable that no one was watching they took a breath at a rather larger then normal oak tree. mig kept watch as maude fiddled with low a hanging branch. apon pulling it a large opening appeared at the base of the tree with two chair lifts folding out which revealed a decent that seemed unfathomable. the elderly women moaned and sat on  the chairs which swung into position and the opening closed tightly behind them. The decent seemed fast and long, but the two seemed composed and mig even light a cigar. At the bottom they emerged from an enclosed elevator and saw before them several elderly people shuffling papers and a multitude of desks with other elderly people exclaiming that "I am innocent!" and the grannies saying "ok, ok,, so what were you doing during the 1850's?". they walked through a corridor that led them to a rather large office with an exceptionally short and foul mouthed woman sitting behind her large cedar desk. The two women could only see a bouffant bee hive and the rim of large glasses. "what the fuck are you doing here?" said the short woman. she resembled a toad almost but human. her bouffant hair and large glasses masked her wrinkles and mean eyes, but her dress and sweater vest were very elegant and from an era that seemed ages ago.

"you fucking sorry tartlets, the kennedy plot was to ensure his safe keeping!" said the short woman "That was an inevitabaility!" said mig turning to the diminished sized face of the short woman. "If you two hadn't fucked me in the 1700's I'd have your ass for this!" mig , still smoking a cigar took a long drag and looked deeply into maude's face "We did our best but like mig said it was only a matter of time mama gris." turning and facing the window. maude continued "if we hadn't stopped the dark man from shooting, it would have been no guess as to how it played out. at least we stopped the bombing."

Created: Jul 21, 2012

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