Be a little human

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If only there were more understanding in the world, there would be less violence. Don't hate the little kid who's being nasty, give them a reason to smile and be a child, it's not their fault. You don't ask to be born. Having a child is hard! Be responsible with sex if you can't get out of habits that are not healthy. If you need help, ask. No body is perfect. By just giving a smile, you might make someone rethink their next step in life! Snappy comebacks can be funny, if the person you're snapping back at isn't at the edge of sanity, contemplating suicide, murder, or vengence. Everyone is different. Give a little love, you'll get a lot back. My challenge to you all, get a book of post-its and a pen/marker. Leave love notes randomly on a car windshield, your neighbor's front door, give it to a child having a bad day. Make someone smile. It feels AWESOME!

Created: Jul 20, 2012

Tags: being sad, love, happy, essay, love note, society

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