Grow to Fit

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He refused to finish his work before leaving class to "take a piss."

So, he said my rules were "janke" and walked out.

But, he returned, sat down, did his work, and waited with everyone to be dismissed.

I kept him after class.

"I'm real sorry I lost it like that. I try not to be like my dad. But you know, sometimes I guess stuff just builds up. But M'am, I swear I'm workin' to be more of a man, you know? I won't disrespect you again, I promise."

I kept a strict face and a stern voice, despite wanting to smile a little.

This broad-shouldered boy with dreads towered above me, yet he'd forgotten that.

Six-foot seventh grader, you'll grow to fit.

Created: Jul 20, 2012

Tags: non-fiction, story

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