Secrets in Stars

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A colored paper strip fiddles and twists between a set of deftly moving fingers until its end is reached, and the tail tucked in. Lifted up the small folded pentagon is offered a gentle kiss before it is pinched and squished with the most loving finesse. Now it is but a modest little wishing star bearing a silent heavy wish.


“The words don’t happen to happen to be important. The secret is important, and the best secrets don’t have words. Good secrets sit softly in the air impossibly waiting to be figured out and unlocked. This wish… this secret can only hope to join such ranks.”


A breeze picks up and blows a few strands of hair into her face, frustrating the birth of another paper star that she has held in her hand.

*Self Criticism*

This peice probably hasn't recieved any recommends because if you're sitting outside my head it doesn't make a lot of sense. The folding described in the first paragraph refers to these paper stars I had just learned to fold by folding a strip of paper over and over and squishing the sides in. One of the kids I work with at work brought in the book that illustrated how to do this, and at the end it stated that once you had folded it into its star shape you could make a wish before squishing it, making it come true. In the second paragraph the language is kind of cryptic. I know what I'm talking about but nobody else does, and then the whole thing just gets overly flowery and pretentious at the end. I don't think it would be half bad if I managed to seriously revise it. Whether or not that would redeem it, I'm not that sure.

Created: Jul 20, 2012


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