One-Eyed Shy (sECRETS)

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drifting by night,

leaving flight as his wingman.

He asked her to dance,

perhaps glance

into the dark of her heart

and harken the nights

graceful push and pull plight.

She graced his one-eyed-shy disguise,

fueling the range

pursuing the chase

feeling her grace,

her holy trinity amongst the moonlight

in the moonlit shrine of beggars,

saints with thievish dispositions

layered with turmoil

like so many autumn leaves,

One-eyed-shy and glimpsing,

he parted ways,

counting days upon graceless days

the secrets he kept

inside her push and pull moonlit face,

shattering matter

with each step he takes

with darkness apt and full.

The secrets we keep chill the dead,

bringing them back to life

with a cool whisper,

or wistful dance

be it the dancer

or the song,

never knowing the answer,

only one-eyed-shy

with night in the distance

where dissapearance

is vitally indifferent,

shaking away the chains and secrets.


Created: Jul 20, 2012

Tags: poetry, story

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