damn secrets

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Write a remark...my gran use to say to me when i was younger every best friend has a friend,which is an old west indian saying, or may be not that just might of been something she made up ,any way her point was that know one really has secrets and her point is valid,but i dont think it applies to me there are things that my friends have told me that i have not shared with anyone. but if im honest i dont feel like that keeping a secret applies to them i dont feel the  same level of confident regarding secrets they know about me ,okay this started out about secrets hense the quote from my gran but now i feel like this is veering off to the left some where reg: some personal shit between me and friends that i nolonger trust, and im talking about friends that have been in my life for over five years,what am i saying this was a thought  and a feeling for sooo long and now im sharing it with people i dont even know shit  i guess i cant keep secrets either

Created: Jul 20, 2012


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