A Secret...

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She had a secret

she took it to her grave

She had a secret

she wasn't really brave

She had a secret

she wasn't able to say

She had a secret

that made her go away...


It was just the start. Imagine my surprise at finding out my own mother's death didn't go how I was told.


God it sounds so, unreal, I still can't believe it. But the beauty of it is that I now have a purpose.

Finding out what happened to her. To know her secret and tell the world. To give her death as much meaning as her life had. She deserves that and I know I'm the only one that can do that.

It started two days ago. I had finally found the time to sort the attic. All of my mother's belongings were up there and I wanted to go through them. My sister would say it was to get rid of her crap but it was more than that. She and I didn't get our goodbyes. I needed this. Closure as they say.

I had made it through just about every box. The last one was just a small keepsake box. It was plain, no decorations, no obvious indicators it even belonged to her.

As I opened it I found a lot of things, like that poem above. Things that I couldn't take back and now..


I have a secret

and everyone will know...



Created: Jul 19, 2012


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