Peter and Polly

By Klosinski

Padre Pablo always puts the prayers in the proper place;
Cuz Peter’s popping pills putting poison on his plate,
picking packs of painkillers, a pretty price he’ll pay
Predicting a predicament Polly pulls away.
So put your paws in your pants and pull your empty pockets out.
Pick your pleasure, pay with plastic as her perfect body pouts.
Parading on a pole, pretty Polly has a problem;
Patrons paying pennies for the panties on her bottom.
As her pimp is playing poker and her Peter’s passing out,
Prince is playing purple rain, and people start to scream and shout.
Problems are persistent and police are pursuin’
Pistol packing punk ass pricks, party time is ruined.
So the pedal of that Pontiac is pounded on the floor
and pieces of that piece of crap are popping off the door.
Peter’s puking up his guts and Polly prays for peace.
Pimping Pedro pulls it over and plops them on the priest.
Now Padre Pablo has been waiting patiently for the pair,
because the priest’s prince of peace told him to prepare.
He places pads upon his chest as his pulse begins to plummet.
Polly paces, a panicked pest, but Peter peaks the summit.
Persevering pleasantly and repenting all their sins;
Polly has her Peter, but the police have their prints.
Happy with their punishment, problems in their past.
Proudly preaching scripture as their prison has passed.

Peter and Polly

Created: May 22, 2010


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